Monday, January 29, 2007

one down!

The cold continues here in the middle of no where: snow and single digit temperatures again today, making me have visions of palm trees and beaches while trudging from class to class. In addition to the weather, classes are tough this term and are keeping me extremely busy (hence the sporadic updates).

I have snuck away a few times to do a little knitting though. The mittens are coming along fairly well. I'm surprised how quick of a knit this one was, all that's left is the Kitchner at the top and the thumb. Unfortunately it's a tad too small for my hand. I'm hoping some aggressive blocking will help with that and any uneven stitches and floats. The question is, how do you block a 3-D item like a mitten?

I've been feeling restless, almost lost, the last week or so. I find myself day dreaming about after college, getting my own place, doing my own thing. Which is sort of weird because I think I'm doing pretty much my own thing now. Maybe it's just the weather, or suddenly being alone most of the time.

Ah well. This weekend I'm going thrifting, hopefully to find a sweater I can deconstruct. Plus, stay tuned, I have a pattern in the works. I just have to do some laundry and felting first.

This little gem is a swatch for someone special. She picked out the yarn and the pattern. Which usually spells doom for me because the project isn't enough of what I picked out and then I subconsciously start to hate it and I never finish it. Doubly bad is this one has two complete parts. And two flaps. I supposed I could call it star crossed.

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