Sunday, February 18, 2007

Adventures in the City

Last weekend Guy and I trekked up to Chicago to see DePaul University's production of The Last Five Years. It felt nice to get off campus for awhile, see some new places, and actually see a play where we don't know everyone in the cast. Not that I don't like seeing plays with friends in them, but it was a nice change of pace.

I think the theater is a converted school and it still has a lot of its institutional feel in the hallways. But the theater the show was in felt professional and intimate. I thought the set was really interesting, most of the costumes were right on, and the script had a really great, well told story that was emotional in all the right ways and places. Definitely check out a production of it if you get the chance.

I'm plugging away on the Broadstreet Mittens: once I finish I'll reward myself with starting Thermal. Let me tell you, though: when doing major modifications to a pattern like I'm doing with this one (using worsted weight instead of sock yarn and trying to fit smaller than average hands) take notes! I winged it the first time and it turned out great. Now I just have to do it again.

School always gets in the way: the drawing in the background is by Dorothea Tanning, the American artist I'm doing my research project on this term. Actually, I'm focusing my paper on this piece right here. I love her quality of line and sense of movement. Plus, her life is so interesting. More on that later.

I'm really interested in Larissa's Recycle Along, especially with inspiration like this, this, and this. Makes me want to run to Goodwill right now and swipe all those sweaters I like nothing about except the color. All I need is some time to make cool things like that and some space to put them.

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