Thursday, August 2, 2007


Twenty-two years ago today, I burst forth, late as usual.

Ha, let's not go there. We'll save that for the sentimental and lovingly critical guest blogging of the Mom. You know, when I fully explain what blogging is.

Anyway, I've mostly recovered from the family and work stuff, just in time for my birthday and some time off. I'm sleeping, reading, knitting, catching up with some friends, and reading blogs. I found some great new ones, so check out the updated (again) link list. I'm sure that list will be a work in progress as I keep discovering all the talent and beauty out there. This and this are especially drawing my attention right now.

Thanks for all your notes while I was away; I think we all need a breather once in awhile. Not that this space is a chore: even in the short time that I've been blogging I've loved every minute of it and wish I could devote more time to it, but at least for me, I sometimes need to give myself permission to put things on the back burner for a little bit.

I've been knitting like crazy these past couple of days and I'm almost done with the Rusted Root. So close I'm doing the inevitable race as I try to knit faster than the yarn (how does that make sense at all?). In the next day or so I'm hoping to finish it and show it off, especially now that it's so HOT. After a relatively cool spell, we're back into what a Chicago summer usually feels like.

You'd think with me being born in the summer I'd be loving it, but I can't help but feel sticky, all the time. And we all know that feeling of wanting to have nothing to do with the pile of knitting that would be on your lap. I'm trying to win out, but tomorrow I'll probably have to cave and find some good air conditioning.

Maybe that's what I should have wished for - a good breeze.

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Felicia said...

Happiest of Birthdays to you!