Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rusted Root on a Long Weekend

My first week of school went well, and though I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed, I think it will be a rewarding experience. I will definitely learn a lot in the next few weeks, and lucky you guys will get to hear about it!

On the knitting front though, I finally wore my Rusted Root today.

Pattern: Rusted Root
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, 3 skeins, Butter Cream colorway
Needles: Denise size 5 circs
Modifications: I just love how the top down construction of this sweater allowed for some very easy mods, like adding some increases under the arms after the sleeve stitches were set aside, creating some bust darts to accommodate, well, the bust, and then increasing at the waist so the cop would sit nicely around my hips.

Adding these increases put me very close to running out of yarn as I explained here, but I think it was worth it to have a better fitting top. My only real complaint is in my worrying about actually finishing with the yarn I had, I bound off a little too tightly on the sleeves. I'm not sure if that comes through on the picture or not.

And to be honest, the lace panel gave me a little problem at the beginning, but it was my fault for not following the directions closely enough. I think this was mostly due to not having a chart to follow, but as I went along I became more comfortable with it, and I really like how the leaves came out.

I need an honest opinion though: is this color just not for me? My mom insists it's fine, but I just don't know. And looking at the picture, I'm not sure the fit is even the best. What do you guys think?

Have a great rest of the long weekend! I know I'll definitely be making the most of my day off.


jules said...

I think it looks great! What other color would you have chosen? I'd like to make one too, at some point :)

The question is, will you wear it like it is? I think you're fine though!

Angelika said...

Hi Sarah,

With your beautiful red hair and fair skin, a soft moss green would have really set you off. Blue eyes? Green eyes? Or maybe a milk chocolate shade.

The garment looks great, but maybe an inch more in the bust area. The cable is pulling wider there. But that is very minor detail. Your work is really, really beautiful. You really know your knitting skills!!!


Felicia said...

It looks fantastic.

nicole said...

I really like the colour of your Rusted Root - mine was a slight disaster due to me not being able to get the same dye lot. I love the bust darts you added! And thanks for the comments on my blog!

Anonymous said...

yo dude. i love it. i can't wear yellow. but you look good, truly. you can tell a little bit that the bind off on the sleeves was too tight, but as long as it's not bothersome, no worries. by the way, carnival of clubs is friday. i'm signing up and having a table and all that. but meetings might not be too regular till the show is done. with working in the shop and directing, and a night, and a job at kaldi's, plus homework, there's just a small time issue. i'll definately have a first meeting and then resume after the 13th, if it's okay with you since it's technically your club. have fun teaching. we're taking care of mike!


f. pea said...

great work! it looks fabulous on you!

Erin said...

Hey sugar! Love the design of the sweater, but I'm not such a fan of the color. You always look good in dark reds or purples or greens, but the yellow (on anyone, I think, not just you) is not the best. I think I would have extended the length of the entire sweater as well. I always find that when a shirt is a bit tighter, it's good to go longer so that it elogates the torso. Love you!!