Thursday, February 1, 2007

new patterns!

It snowed again last night and today. Large fluffy flakes, covering us with another 3 inches or so. Just enough to freshen up. The campus looks all pretty again. It's still freezing and about to get worse.

There has been a few exciting additions to the free pattern collection online in the last few days. Knitty's Winter surprise went live just a couple of days ago, and I must say I'm impressed. Basically they held back a few patterns from the regular issue that went live in December, and it helps us stay satisfied and interested until the next issue comes out.

Thermal looks like a really great simple pattern and I'm really excited about it. I've been looking for a perfect small gauged sweater and a scoop neck for months! Plus, the recommended yarn is very affordable.

Dragonfly looks really cute on the model and I think the design is really creative and interesting. I'm just not sure if I'd make it for myself.

Elbac is also one of those things I've been looking for. I'm really intrigued by reversible cables, so I might try this one soon with some stash yarn.

I'm not that impressed by Mad River, mostly because they don't seem that different from other mitten patterns I've seen and I'm not looking for patterns specifically for handspun yarn. They are pretty though.

Then over at Magknits, the February issue went live today! Since they're coming out monthly there are fewer patterns than in the quarterly Knitty issues, but there's usually at least a couple promising ones. Here are some highlights:

I like the look of Invested, but in practice I'm a bit wary of bulky yarn across the tummy and my largish bust. I really like how the cables were used though, and might try to modify it for a smaller yarn.

The Strawberry Tea Cosy is ridiculous and kitschy, but I kind of like it. If I had a kitchen, a tea pot, and threw ironic tea parties I just might make it.

The Very Cropped Hoodie is my version of a fashion disaster. Cropped things like that just scream "look at my boobs!" while not keeping the rest of you warm (which makes me cold all over), so I don't get the point. I guess the tweens like 'em though.

All was not lost at the nonmeeting last night: I worked on the zen of all knitting - a garter washcloth.

P.S. I ordered yarn for both Thermal and Eunny's Print o the Wave stole. Now the countdown...

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