Thursday, February 8, 2007

birthdays, colds, and trying to catch up

Yesterday was Guy's birthday, but since he had class all day and rehearsal until late we didn't celebrate until almost midnight. Roommate and I baked cupcakes and decorated a little, and all around I think it was a good night. I feel so lucky sometimes to have people like them.

I've also caught something of a cold this week and I've been feeling extra tired and lethargic and out of it. Thankfully classes this week weren't terribly demanding.

I've been full of knitting ideas lately and severely lacking in motivation. Stash yarn is crying out to be a pillow, the yarn for Thermal should be along soon, and I need a hat more suited to subzero temperatures. But I'm making myself finish at least something before I start something new.

Also, I've been feeling extra restless. It's still way below freezing here, though warmer than this past weekend. The weather seems to be all that people talk about anymore, especially me. And that makes me feel extra boring. Yep, that's me, the boring knitter, painter, blogger. Don't those kinds of people need to have something to say?

Well I do have something to say (maybe). I'm only 21, but I feel old, and I'm excited to finish school and get life started for real. On the other hand, under that excitement and the endless plans I seem to come up with, I'm afraid. Afraid that I won't like my job, won't be able to pay the rent, won't have cool friends like all the cool 30 something women on TV do, and will certainly never do anything of importance. So for now I'm trying to slow down, to enjoy having a meal plan, movie nights with Roommate, and my parents who occasionally loan me a few bucks.

Goodness, I didn't mean for that to be a downer. I'm just feeling like I'm on the edge of something great. And I can't wait.

The mittens are coming along. I'm down to the fingers now. The weekend is almost here, and I'm hoping to finish them, clean, and get ahead on work for the week. Ha.

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