Friday, February 9, 2007

Six Weird Things

Because everyone else is doing it and I want to feel like a legitimate knitting blogger, I'll give the 6 weird things meme a try. Although, like most of the others, it took me awhile to find sufficiently weird things that weren't overly embarrassing or awkward.

1. I'm nearly always cold. Especially now, but even in the warm weather, if I'm sitting in one place too long I get cold. My hands are the worst and I'm always embarrassed when I have to shake hands with new people.

2. Ever since I was a little kid I've liked to dip my fries in tartar sauce rather than ketchup. Now I'm pretty happy with the ketchup, but if given the chance I'll go for the tartar.

3. Similarly, I usually don't have a problem with burping. That is, until I drink a pop straight from the can. Something about the carbonation makes me go crazy with the burps. I suppose the really weird part is nothing happens when I drink pop in a glass with ice in it.

4. I actually like my retail job. It's around books and cool coworkers, the hours don't suck, and for the most part the customers are nice, interesting, and understanding. At least, most of the time.

5. I was homeschooled until 9th grade, when I was enrolled in a public high school. I never knew anything different until then. In some ways I think homeschooling taught me a lot, but in other ways I'm still struggling with certain aspects of school and interacting with others that I think I would have learned in "real" elementary school.

6. I'm studying for a degree in Education and Studio Art, with plans to teach after graduation. The thing is, I keep having day dreams about being an artist who has shows and gallery space and a studio. And I also want to work in an art museum and design exhibits. I want to travel too and I'm not sure how that would fit in with teaching. So I guess you could say I have a plan with a few backups.

And I'll tag Erin, Evan, and anyone else who hasn't done this yet. Let's all be weird together.

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Marigold said...

I was homeschooled the other way around. From k-6 I was in 'normal' school system, from 7-12 homeschooled. It didn't help me interact with people any more :/ I've finally decided, only the 'cool kids' ever get the 'socialization skills' that experts say kids get from school.
Phoey on the cool kids! Knitting rocks!