Sunday, February 25, 2007


Last week we had some great weather: it almost convinced me spring was actually on the way. Mother Nature is a jokester that way. More ice, sleet, rain, and snow yesterday and today. Campus is a covered in huge puddles and piles of slush, making me want to stay in and knit. The first picture is a view from the student union, and the second is on the other side of campus, between some dorms and the cafeteria. If you look close you can see the sidewalk that's under at least 6 inches of water.

I finished the swatch for Thermal, and I'm really liking the feel of the Knitpicks Gloss yarn. Soft and sort of delicate because of its weight, but the silk gives it a nice sheen and almost a bit of a crunch when you touch it. I had gauge before I washed it, but because of some of the experiences over at the Thermal KnitalongI went ahead and made a real swatch, washing and all. It grew by 2 stitches over 4 inches, so I'm staying with the 36 inch bust size and trying to knit normally (since I heard the designer is a loose knitter and I tried to knit looser - my way of getting around buying more needles).

And yes, the mittens are lonely and unfinished. Poor unfinished mittens. I will finish you, my friends. I promise.

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