Monday, March 5, 2007


Days like this:

Create work like this:

Yes, that's the Thermal that I promised I wouldn't start until some other things were finished, but we all know how well those sorts of things work out.

That much knitting is somewhat deceiving - even with all that accomplished this week has been terribly busy with getting ready for finals, along with seeing some wonderful theatrical shows (more on that in a few days), and my sister was in town for the weekend.

This week will prove to be even busier as I try to finish several papers, a few paintings, and a presentation in order to prove how much I've learned this term. There probably won't be much knitting, as I have yet to master knitting and reading at the same time, but now that I think of it I guess I'll be typing more than reading anyway.

Spring break is coming fast, and with it I'm hoping to get in some knitting, along with movies and books that I've been missing out on. Stay tuned.

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