Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A New Read

This book is great. I only just picked it up and I love all the pictures, all the fresh, original designs, everything. Like Kay said, Wenlen Chia has done what I didn't think was possible: these chunky knits don't look chunky.

I positively love this sweater. I really like all the collars and cap sleeves in these designs and how so few stitches can make such detailed shapes.

But take a gander at these models! I've never seen such model looking models. Unfortunately, the patterns match these tiniest of all women and a 2 sweaters out of the whole book make it to a 35" bust. As in that's the largest size. Many of the sweaters have the largest size around a 30". One of them has a small size as a 16.5" with a large as 20.5". I can understand having small sizes on the models, because c'mon, everyone wants their designs to look great on skinny people. But seriously, I can't imagine who Chia think will actually knit her sweaters. I suppose you could argue that those are the only kind of people that should be wearing chunky knits, and I'd probably argree with you, but I'd like to at least have a go at a vest or something before I swear it off.

Thermal is coming along, though the progress is somewhat boring as I haven't reached the neck yet and it's still one big tube. I'm enjoying the little needles though and the process of doing it. The stitch is just enough to keep me interested and the yarn just splitty enough so I have to pay attention. It's turning into my zen. Which I think is a good thing, especially now that I'm on break. It's good to slow down every once in awhile.

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