Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Root

Ah, the excitement of a new project. I love this Rusted Root pattern and how it will look, but I'm also a little nervous that it won't look good on me, or that I chose the wrong color (I don't think I've worn something yellow since I was very small and I've never knit with it - let's hope I still like it as much as I do now when I'm done).

I am having a bit of a problem with the lace panel though. Has anyone else had a problem getting row 5 to work? I always seem two stitches short and the decreases don't seem to line up with the previous row's decreases. I searched through Google Blog Search (an ingenious tool, by the way), but didn't find anything particularly useful. Maybe I'm searching wrong. Or reading the pattern wrong. I'll do a little more research and then contact the designers.

And yes, those are paper clips I'm using as stitch markers. While they're working in pinch (the pinch being I have no stitch markers because I always lose them), they're not that great. They keep catching and falling off the needle. So I thought to myself, maybe I am mature enough and responsible enough to actually have some stitch markers. With some quick research online, I am officially overwhelmed. So many choices. Here are the traditional and cheap ones. Here's someone that calls them "jewelry for knitting" and has just about every do-jiggy I could ever imagine to attach to the rings. Ebay has even more options. The offerings on Etsy seem to be the most promising, showing rings that don't look like they would be overly distracting. Here's even some instructions on how to make your own with Sculpey, something that turns out looking great, but also a bit complicated. And that's only a skim on the surface.

I might just stick with the paperclips for the time being.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to comment here, since I'm not a knitter...so shhh, don't tell. BUT! I have fimo clay or sculpey or whatever you call it, and I've made beads and such out of it in the past. It's a lot of fun, and you'd be good at it, so I bet we could make our own stich markers sometime.
- The roomie =)

Angelika said...

In a pinch, make a loop out of a smooth contrast color of yarn. but my preference for rings that are not overly distracting and easy to move thru my fingers is the 2 clover stitch markers shown on the top of my stitch marker page. They are soft and rubbery, so flex as the stitches move thru my fingers. Seems to me that the paper clips, as well as other hard stitch markers, like to tangle themselves up in my fingers as the stitches move across the needle.

by the way, where is the rusted root pattern you are working from?


carrie said...

i honestly love the plain old rubber circle markers you get a craft stores. no muss, no fuss. i have a few fancy pairs, but sometimes they get caught in the yarn and are distracting. and believe me, i've used paper clips!
i think the yellow will look great. i made rusted root like a year ago, so i don't remember row 5!