Monday, July 9, 2007

An Exploration

Goodness, this weekend was hot. So hot it was all I could do to hide in the air conditioning at work, swim, and convince myself that knitting with mostly cotton yarn isn't that hot.

The Rusted Root is coming along nicely. I had to do a few adjustments so it could fit over my ample bosom, and then miscalculated and made too many increases, leading to a bit of frogging. I think I'm back on track now, helped along by the continuing discussion on Knitting Daily (if you haven't already signed up for the newsletter, you should because it's really great and the free pattern section is awesome). Sandi is knitting Wendy Bernard's cute little tee Tomato (featured in No Sheep for You, as well as a free pattern for those who sign up with the site), and as a curvy gal, she's making some modifications to fit her better. With her help, I'm trying to do some bust darts in addition to the written waist shaping for the Rusted Root. I'm not really a plus size girl, but I definitely have a pair of plus size girls, as in, the girls. You know what I mean. So we'll see how that goes. I sort of guess on where to put the darts based on Sandi's pictures, but the beauty of top down patterns like Rusted Root is that you can try them on to make sure they're perfect. And let me tell you, I love that. How else would I know that the top didn't fit me as written? It sure saves a lot of heartache and re-knitting later on.

They say it's going to rain tomorrow and then should cool off. Let's see if I can work out those darts during the storm. Ah... perfect knitting weather. There's isn't anything much better than a summer thunderstorm.


Anonymous said...

Oooo... seeing your Rusted Root makes me want to make one too. Really should stop reading blogs. On the stitch marker front, having just finished a Clapotis (stitch markers essential), I can tell you that yarn knots really are my favorite as there is no issue with flexing around the needles. As I'm a tight knitter, this is an issue. The rubber rings are good though... I don't go for the fancy stuff so I can spend my money on yarn and Addi needles.

Felicia said...

Its hot as blue blazes here in Georgia too! Your Rusted Root looks fabulous so far :)