Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Told You it Was Coming

A little friend visited today:

It's amazing how much happier and lighter you can feel after seeing a butterfly. Maybe that's a little girly, but I was in a bad mood when I saw this guy and then instantly I felt better, like there really is beauty in the world.

Speaking of beauty, I have something to show you:

Let me introduce the Honeymoon Cami, something that had layed in my works in progress basket for almost a year before I got off my butt and finished it. I'm so glad I did. The pattern description warns that you will bare a lot of skin wearing this, but I think I made the straps on mine a little too long, making it show way too much off. Of course, I could have ripped back and fixed the strap length, but I like how long it is and how it looks over another tank.

Pattern: Honeymoon Cami, from the Spring 2004 issue of Knitty.

Yarn: KnitPicks' Main Line, in Dusty Purple. I believe I used 8 skeins to make the 36" chest size.

Needles: Denise interchangables, US size 8.

Modifications: Virtually none. I lengthened the body (between the hip decreases and bust increases) some, but I wish I had done more. I also wish I had used short rows in the bust area because I think it would have fit me better, but overall, I'm very happy with how this turned out.

Here's a detail shot of the eyelet rib at the bottom of the cami. I love this little detail to the simple design. I would definitely recommend this pattern, especially since it can be such a quick summer knit. The Main Line yarn was also great, and better than I expected. It still gave me that little cotton ache in my hands if I worked on this for too long in one sitting, but the finished fabric is nice and soft. It is pilling slightly, but so far not too much and I've been able to pick it off easily.

I think I might try this again, or at least a modification of it to give myself some practice with short row busts, but I've really enjoyed wearing this so far. Plus, it makes me feel young, as I've been noticing all the tweens and super skinny teenagers are layering their tanks now. Huh, I'm actually on time with a trend this time. Go figure.

P.S. It was really sunny when my wonderful sister took these pictures of me, but I was still shocked to see how white I came out. Still, my only colors seem to be white and red, so I'll try to be thankful that I don't look like a lobster.

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Felicia said...

The cami is beautiful and looks great with that top tucked under it. Thanks for sharing that lovely butterfly :)