Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Bit of Change

Change seems to be my operative word for this week. I began student teaching on Wednesday (institute days at least, which are so far filled with meetings, speeches, and organizing the classroom), which is a HUGE change for me, but the school is also experiencing some changes like a new principal and bell schedule.

The biggest change though, looks like this:

As most of you have probably heard by now, most of the Midwest as been having some strange weather in the past couple of weeks, but a string of massive storms ripped through all of Northern Illinois on Thursday, leaving very large trees and power lines laying on the ground like twigs. There's no real damage to my house, but we're on day 3 so far without any power. I'm hoping it will be back tomorrow, but no real promises. Whole neighborhoods and towns around here are dark. A weird sight, to be sure.

Right now though, I'm hanging out in a cafe with free WiFi, trying to catch up on everything. The Somewhat Cowl is coming along nicely, and is a little greener than the picture shows. Every time I start a new top-down raglan I'm impressed all over with how simple and beautiful this technique is. So easy to execute but also such a great way to ensure a great fit.

Yikes, I better get back to it while daylight allows!


Anushka said...

Oosh, sorry to hear about the storms :( I like the colour of your raglan, however.

jules said...

Sorry to hear you are without power but glad your house is ok! I think everyone is having weird weather. It's been bone dry and 100+ degrees here in Atlanta for the past few weeks. Everything is brown or dead.

The green of your Somewhat Cowl is really pretty! I still havent built up the courage to try a garment.... Just gloves, socks, and accessories so far. Maybe this winter...