Tuesday, August 21, 2007


You wouldn't think that a few little washcloths would take this long, but like it or not, I still have three more to go. How is it that with all the time I've spent making the rounds in the doctor's, dentist's, and optometrist's offices that I'm not done with these yet? The stitch patterns are interesting, and I'm looking forward to having the complete set, but the 100% cotton yarn is a bit hard on the hands. Actually, a lot hard on the hands after half an hour or so. It always seems to go like that, the little things take forever (the Roomie's mittens, for example) while the big things, like a full size sweater in fingering weight yarn, just breeze by. A knitting mystery, perhaps?

And with such a tough assignment, I needed something to balance it out. Here's the beginning of my Somewhat Cowl: another beautiful sweater in another beautiful color I'm not sure will work on me. The yarn is delicious though, so it's definitely a nice break from the cotton. I'm a little nervous about some of the reports from Ravelry, though. Most people ended up ripping theirs at some point, and more than half of those who finished aren't happy with how it turned out. I'm wondering what the problem is, as the reasons vary among knitters. We'll have to see I suppose.

Sorry about the picture quality; it's been raining for days with no real hope of sun anytime soon. This is about as good as it'll get. Though bad for pictures, the rain is bringing some great cooler weather. Can't wait for fall!


ellen said...

While you are knitting away, I hope that you are safe and sound from all of the flooding. Take care!

Felicia said...

They'll be terrific when they're done :)