Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Cleaning!

Today marks the first full day of spring, and boy am I glad. There aren't any blooming flowers or trees where I am, or even really any sunshine right now, but the ground is soft from last night's rain and the grass is definitely greener. It's warmer too - a welcome relief from the freezing winter we've just had.

With spring marks the beginning of a new school term for me. I'm trying to be more organized this time around. The desk is clean, I'm shopping for notebooks later, and the sheets are new. Just in time.

The knitting though, is dreadfully behind, wrinkled, and forgotten. This spring will be a time to finish all those wonderful things: a new chance for them and a chance for me to actually finish something.

First up, the Roomie's mittens. I promised myself I'd finish them over the break and be able to give them to her in case it got cold again. As you can see, I'm so close to at least having some fingerless gloves.

Thermal has been distracting me with its interesting pattern and tiny needles. I have made some progess though, all the way to the arm hole shaping. There's something about this sweater that keeps me coming back.

Then in the land of forgotten is the infamous Clapotis, a nearly completely finished Honeymoon Cami, and a Picovoli. The Honeymoon and Picovoli I wanted to finish for last year's summer vacation. I'm making the Clapotis out of some great blue and white Malabrigo, and will really make a great soft scarf when it's done.

And this isn't even mentioning the mitered square afghan and the Northern Lights mittens. Or any of the designs I've been playing with.

Goodness, now it looks like I don't finish anything. But that's what this is all about. All these projects should be finished before summer officially begins around June 21st. I better get to work.

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